What People Are Saying

Tracy is very knowledgable and professional. Her approach is very gentle and effective. She has helped me with my overall health and well-being from physical injuries to energy & mental health concerns. She supported my physical and emotional well-being through pregnancy and postpartum. Tracy has worked wonders with my children and they love visits with her! From infancy, Tracy has supported my children with colic, GI difficulties, mood/behavior, and overall health throughout the seasons. I highly recommend Tracy for the whole family!

Julie Shannon, Occupational Therapist

Tracy possesses a deep knowledge of East Asian Medicine and refined gentle hand skills that make treatment both comfortable and effective. She has solved many of my complicated health concerns over the past few years and I trust her immensely. Tracy is a masterful practitioner in Portland and the field at large.

SB, Patient

As someone who “hates needles,” I have ironically relied on Tracy as a PCP for the last four years. She’s helped me with health issues ranging from tachycardia to irregular periods, and muscle/joint pain to eczema. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and has provided excellent referrals as necessary. You won’t find a better acupuncturist.

JJ, Patient

Tracy Thorne knows what she is doing! I came to her almost two years ago at rock bottom. My physical and emotional health were poor. Tracy welcomed me with empathy curiosity and something other western practitioners had not offered, hope and guidance for my wellness recovery. With a lot of work and collaboration, I am back on track. Tracy is warm, patient, kind and highly skilled. Her background in a variety of modalities provides a holistic and well-informed approach to wellness. She is great at explaining why she is doing or recommending different things so I always feel involved and educated about my health and how to manage it. I am so grateful I found her and had her walk alongside me on my wellness recovery.

WH, Patient

What I am most thankful for in your healthcare is for the consultations you offered that empowered me to help my own healing process through recommended exercises, nutrition and attentiveness on care. Also, your therapeutic treatments were significant in getting me ready for bilateral knee replacement and in aiding recovery from painful residuals of surgery in conjunction with PT. I am so impressed with your knowledge of the human organism and you engender a comforting trust and relaxation in treatment. I also respect your ability to listen closely and ask the pertinent questions for healthy outcomes.In a short summation, I profited immensely from your medical advice and have been amazed at the ways you can dispense with chronic conditions resulting from injuries and age-related symptoms. So I AM THANKFUL!

Mike B., Patient

I studied Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue Fukushin with Tracy Thorne. She is the most knowledgeable and clear teacher I’ve come across for this sometimes enigmatic branch of diagnosis. A finding on a patient’s abdomen can mean one thing in one context and another in a different context. There is rarely a this means that finding. This can make Fukushin difficult to learn and especially difficult to teach. Tracy is very systematic in her approach, making the difficulties seem manageable. She did this without minimizing the fact that Fukushin is an art. What kind of art? The art of dance. I left the classes I took with Tracy with an appreciation of the beauty of the dance of Fukushin. She is lovely to study with – both strong and gentle.

Sharon Weizenbaum, LAc, Teacher, White Pine Healing Arts & Graduate Mentorship Program