two girls performing "child's pose" in yoga

Our bodies were designed to move, not to sit

The body is its own best healer. And with the right assistance, guidance and support, better health can start today. Healthy movement is a key component to healing and wellness.

Research on exercise continues to demonstrate its profound effect on healing from a wide range of issues including depression, breast cancer treatment, bowel cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. In addition, regular exercise is also shown to be protective against many diseases.

Tracy has a widely varied background in athletics and movement. She competed at the collegiate level in long distance running. She has been a certified personal trainer for 18 years (NSCA CPT, NASM corrective exercise specialist), is a certified yoga instructor, has studied ballet, and other forms of dance, Tai chi Chuan, Wild Goose Qi Gong and the Alexander Technique. She enjoys Tennis, basketball, skiing and bootcamp.

Helping patients become more embodied and move with greater ease and less pain is a key component of her treatments even when the main concern is not structural. She regularly prescribes exercise and yoga as part of the treatment plan and works with a wide variety of skills and movement background. She has been the team Acupuncturist for University of Portland Athletic Department for 13 years.