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Tracy Thorne

Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine & Movement Therapy

Tracy Thorne is highly trained, experienced, and focused. She brings over 20 years of experience treating people who suffer from a broad range of complex health conditions.

Tracy Thorne Acupuncture
Tracy Thorne, MAOM, Dipl OM, LAc

Tracy believes in the power of the body to heal and supports people with chronic and complex conditions. She also believes in the power of teamwork and regularly collaborates with other healthcare professionals to establish an overall treatment plan.

Patients often remark that treatments with Tracy are filled with encouragement, expertise, collaboration, and ideas that fit their lives. Tracy’s primary goal is to empower her patients to make positive, accessible changes that integrate easily into their lifestyle.

With over 20 years experience as a healthcare provider and teacher, and with an extensive education, Tracy brings to her practice a vast knowledgebase, wide range of skills, and gentle demeanor that results in a pleasant and meaningful experience for every treatment. Whether a health condition is simple or complex, she assists patients in reaching goals in a friendly, holistic, and supportive manner.

Tracy works with people from all walks of life, including professionals, Veterans who suffer from PTSD, children, adults needing support during cancer treatment, motor vehicle accident victims, and athletes and fitness enthusiasts with orthopedic concerns. She is adept at using gentle and non-insertive acupuncture techniques that those who are sensitive to needles, and her treatments are effective. Often she incorporates new techniques and approaches into her work while refining existing ones.

Tracy is nationally certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine through the National Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and licensed through the Oregon Medical Board. She has also been been recognized nationally and statewide (Oregon) for her excellence in teaching and research.

Professional Information

New England School of Acupuncture
Watertown, MA
Masters of Oriental Medicine (MAOM)
Dual Track Program: TCM, Chinese Herbs, Japanese Acupuncture Styles

Harvard University, School of Divinity
Cambridge, MA
Masters of Theological Studies

University of Portland
Portland, OR
Bachelor of Arts, Maxima Cum Laude, Valedictorian, Theology

  • Working with Personality Disorders (October 2020)
  • OAA conference (Sept 2020)
  • Evicore and Acupuncture, OAA (May 2020)
  • Cananbis, OAA (April 2020)
  • Kam Wah Chung, OAA, Beth Howlett, Eric Brand 2 Feb 2021
  • Kampo & COVID, Watanabe Kenji, Sunten 2 Jan 2021
  • OSHA Training 2 Jan 2021
  • Ethics and practice, CHP 2 Dec 2020
  • OAA Annual conference 4 Oct 2020
  • Poly vagal Theory, Joanne Donnolley 2 Sept 2020
  • Medic First Aid and CPR 8 Sept 2020
  • Kampo, Post COVID Syndrome, Gretchen DeSoriano 2 Dec 8, 2019
  • Applied Channel Theory, Jason Robertson 8 August 2019
  • Chronic Pain & Opioids, CHP, Ryan Milley 2 Aug 2020
  • Facial Diagnosis 2 April 2020
  • Telehealth and TCM, Mori West, OAA 2 April 2020
  • COVID and TCM, Heiner Fruehauf, OAA 2 April 2020
  • TCM & Hospice, Susan Wilmouth, OAA 2 Feb 27, 2020
  • Blood stasis & TCM, Greg Livingston 2 Jan 27, 2020
  • ECHO, various presenters on COVID 19 Mar-May 2020
  • Biotics Conference on Inflammation 8 November 2019
  • KAMPO, Nigel Dawes 27 September 28-30, 2018
  • Shudo Style Acupuncture, Murata Sensei, High Desert Hari Society 15.5 October 14-15, 2018
  • OAA annual conference 6 May 2018
  • Bullet Proof Documentation for Acuuncturists, Mori West 14 March 2018
  • Deepening Daishi Shonihari: Delving into Pediatric Japanese Acupuncture, Kuwahara, K., Hari, OCOM, Portland, OR 13 December 2-3, 2017
  • In-Touch Japan 8 Seminar: Tokyo and Shikoku, Japan 42 November 3-9, 2017
  • Daishi Shonihari: Non-Insertion Pediatric Acupuncture, Junko Tanioka, OCOM, Portland, OR 13 October 14-15, 2017
  • Contact Needle Therapy for Cancer Patients, Keiko Ogawa, MD, AIMC, Berkeley, CA 14 Sept 23-24, 2017
  • Integrative Pain Management Seminar, Monika Kobyleka, OCOM, Portland, OR 14 May 20-21, 2017
  • M-Test Training, Dr. Mukaino, Fukuoka Hospital, Japan 45+ November 30-December 6, 2016
  • Pathologies & Formulas of the Decoction Classic & Dr. Tian Heming Case Studies, Arnaud Versluys, New Orleans, LA 39 November 4-8, 2015
  • Treatment of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Tyuoshi Shimamura, Portland, OR 21 October 2-4 2015
  • Shudo Style Meridian Therapy: An Introduction to Strategies & Techniques, Stephen Brown, Portland, OR 14 February 7-8, 2015
  • Shinkyu, Kitagawa (M-Test Seminars), Portland, OR 21 October 28-30, 2014
  • CPR, AED and First Aid for Adults, Medic First Aid, Portland, OR October 13, 2014
  • TANA National Training (Toyohari), Portland, OR 20 October 10-12, 2014
  • Caring For Iraq Veterans with TBI, Portland, OR (NASW) 6.5 September 26, 2014
  • Treating the Heart: a Gentle Approach to Trauma, PTSD and Depression, Funemizu, Portland, OR 13 May 3-4, 2014
  • Treatment of Adrenal Insufficiency & Autonomic Nervous System Imbalances, Monika Kobyleka, Portland, OR 16 March 1-2, 2014
  • Herbal First Aid: Stings, Strains, Cuts, Bites & More, Rylen Feeney, Portland, OR 2 July 2, 2013
  • Shang han lun Lines Retreat, Arnaud Versluys, New Orleans, LA 49 June 16-22, 2013
  • Recognition, Assessment & Management of Patients with Mental Heather & Substance Abuse/Addiction Issues in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching
  • Clinic, OCOM, Portland, OR 4 March 12, April 9, 2013
  • Li Zhi zhen’s Exposition on the 8 Extra’s in Clinical Practice, Charles Chace, Portland, OR 15 November 2012
  • Anatomy and Cadaver Lab 2: The Neck, Shoulder and Upper Extremity, NESA, Watertown, MA 14 November 1-2, 2012
  • OSHA Compliance Program, OCOM, Portland, OR 2 November 2012
  • Toyo Hari, (9 weekends), Portland, OR 110 October 2011-April 2012
  • Fukushin, Arnaud Versluys, Portland, OR 12 December 2011
  • Shaku Jyu Therapy, Kobayashi, Berkeley, CA 21 August 2011
  • Dr. Zeng Shang Han Lun Conference, Portland, OR 21 April 2011
  • Liver Cleanse Qi Gong, Master Liu, Portland, OR 6 March 2011
  • Koshi Balancing, Jeffrey Dann, Portland, OR 15 March 2011
  • Ethics for the Chinese Medicine Practitioner, OCOM, Portland, OR 3 March 2011
  • Moxibustion Intensive, Junji Mizutani, Portland, OR 15 Dec 2010
  • Drug-Herb Interactions, John Chen, OCOM, Portland, OR 5 Oct 2010Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture, Brenda Loew, Portland, OR 15 October 2010
  • The Middle Way: Kanpo Herbal Medicine for Digestive Disorders, Nigel Dawes, Portland, OR 15 April 2010
  • OCOM Professional Development, Defining Scholarly Activity, Portland, OR 3 Sept 2010
  • Koshi Balancing, Jeffrey Dann, Portland, OR 16 March 2010
  • Shang Hang Lun Herbs, Canonical Chinese Medicine, (2 weekends) Arnaud Versluys, Portland, OR 30 March – April 2010
  • Jin Gui, Canonical Chinese Medicine (5 weekends) Arnaud Versluys, Portland, OR 75 Sept 2009 – Feb 2010
  • Kanpo Medicine, Nigel Dawes, Portland, OR October 2008
  • Shang Han Lun, Canonical Chinese Medicine (7 weekends), Arnaud Versluys, Portland, OR Sept 2008 – April 2009
  • Shaku Jyu Core Acupuncture Therapy, Kobayashi Sensei, NESA 40 Aug 2008
  • Moxibustion Intensive, Junji Mitzutani, Portland, OR 16 Jan 2008
  • Advanced Pulse Diagnosis, Jimmy Chang, The Lotus Institute, Portland, OR Sept 2007
  • Pain Management with Acupuncture and Herbs, Oregon Acupuncture Association Conference April 2007
  • Introduction to Kanpo Herbal Medicine, Nigel Dawes, Portland, OR Feb 2007
  • Intro to Thai Massage, Bob Quinn, Portland, OR Nov 2006
  • Sotai, Bob Quinn, Portland, OR June 2006
  • Chinese Herbs and Formulas, Ethics, Oregon Acupuncture Association Conference April 2006
  • Psycho-Emotional Disorders of the Shen, Kiiko Matsumoto, Cambridge, MA Feb 2006
  • Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method, The Lotus Institute, Portland, OR 8 Oct 2005
  • Drug Herb Interactions, Dr. John Chen, The Lotus Institute, Portland, OR 8 Oct 2005
  • Morning Medical Qi Gong, Daniel Villasenor, Portland, OR Aug 2005
  • The Liver: Function, Imagery, Pathology Points and Meridians, Elizabeth Rochat de Valle, NESA April 2005
  • Deepening Rapport with Patients, Tom Balles, NESA April 2005
  • Teishin: Non-Insertive Japanese Needle Technique, Rachel Hartstein, NESA Nov 2004
  • Introduction to Kiiko Style Acupuncture, David Euler, Regis College Oct 2004
  • History of Ideas in Chinese Medicine: Ming Dynasty to Present, Jeffrey C. Yuen, NESA Oct 2004
  • Guasha, Arya Nielson, NESA Sept 2004
  • Advanced Needling Technique, Dr. Cheng Xiao Ming, Brookline, MA May-Aug 2004
  • Shonishin, Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture, Rachel Hartstein, NESA April, July 2004
  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Virginia Doran, NESA July 2004, April 2003
  • Introduction to Toyo Hari: Traditional Japanese Meridian Acupuncture, Masters Nakada Koryo & Taniuchi Shuho, NESA April 2004
  • External Application of Chinese Herbs, Zhen Zhen Zhang, NESA Feb 2004
  • Taming the Dragon Within: Treating Autoimmune Disorders, Miki Shima, NESA Nov 2002
  • AcuYoga, Julie Bonnici, NESA Dec 2002
  • Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong, Vincent Chu, NESA June 2002
  • Art of Living Breath Workshop, Bryan Wagner, NESA Feb 2002
  • Medical Qi Gong, Sanford Lee, NESA Dec 2001

White Pine Institute – Graduate Mentorship Program
Amherst, MA
Fukishin – Abdominal Diagnosis (6 weekends)

Promotores Descalzos
Juarez, Mexico
Moxibustion Intensive for health promoter volunteers
2014, 2017, 2019

Institute for Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM)
Portland, OR; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA
Fukushin – Abdominal Diagnosis for Shang Han Lun and Jing Gui

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Portland, OR

  • Moxibustion Study presenation for Doctoral Module on Research (2013)
  • Adjunct Faculty: Advanced Acupuncture, Clinical Supervisor (2010-current)
  • Teaching Assistant for Doctoral Module in Japanese Acupuncture (2012)
  • Teaching Assistant in Masters Program: Advanced Acupuncture, OMRI, OMRII, Living Anatomy, Structural Diagnosis (2008-2010)

National University of Natural Medicine
Portland, OR

  • Guest Lecturer, Moxibustion, Global Health Program (2012-2013)
  • Clinical Supervisor (2009-2010)
  • Substitute Clinical Supervisor, Assistant Special Topics Instructor (2009-2010)

Concordia University
Portland, OR
Guest Lecturer: Alternative treatments for sports injuries

Everest Institute
Tigard, OR
Adjunct Faculty, Guest Lecturer

  • Taught Chinese Medicine module on quarterly basis to third and fourth term massage students for 2 years.
  • Also taught Anatomy & Physiology and Exercise Prescription for Special Populations.
  • Delivered a one-hour lecture on OM to massage students as a guest speaker.

University of Portland
Portland, OR
Guest Lecturer
Athletic Training Degree

Seminars and Study Groups

  • Sotai: The Basics and Beyond (2010, 2012)
  • Japanese Meridian Acupuncture Study Group (2010)
  • Manaka Ion Pumping Cord Seminar (2019)

Seminar Teaching Assistant

  • Shonishin Seminar with Brenda Loew, LAc (2013)
  • Ion Pumping Cords Seminar with Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc (2006)
  • Shonishin and Teishin Seminar with Rachel Hartstein LAc (2004)

The Lotus Seed Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training Instructor
Portland, OR 2006-2007

New England School of Acupuncture
Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Continuing Education Program Assistant
Watertown, MA

Direct Moxibustion to treat Spleen Qi & Yang Deficiency Fatigue: A Pilot Study
Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies

Master Thesis Reader
National University of Natural Medicine

Less Is More: Shonishin Seminar with Brenda Loew
North American Journal of Oriental Medicine
March 2011

AcuGraph Inter-rater Reliability
NUNM, Helfgott Research Institute

Moxibustion Intensive with Junji Mitzutani
North American Journal of Oriental Medicine
Vol. 15, no. 43, July 2008

The Power of Exercise: Using Exercise to Fight Disease
Presented at Mercy & Wisdom Healing Center and Tzu Chi Foundation

Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications
By John Chen & Tina Chen
Editor, 3 chapters

Tracy Thorne Wellness LLC (Tracy Thorne Acupuncture)
Portland, OR

Portland, OR
Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Recess Wellness LLC
Portland, OR
Personal Trainer, Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor, Health Educator

Combs & Zeyben
Wellesley, MA
Marketing Consultant

Recess Fitness
Portland, OR
Health Educator, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor

BodyBalance Personal Training
Boston, MA

Rolf C. Hagen U.S.A. Corporation
Mansfield, MA
Marketing Consultant

Personal Investments, Inc.
Brookline, MA
Personal Trainer, Director of Marketing

Hurwitz & Associates LLC
Natick, MA
Software Industry Analyst: Customer Relationship Management

Reebok International Ltd.
Canton, MA
Global Product Marketing Manager (Running; Outdoor Apparel)
Global Product Manager (Rockport Apparel)

Returning Veterans Project
Portland, OR

Portland Veterans Acupuncture Project
Portland, OR

Mercy & Wisdom Clinic

Parkinson’s Fitness Project
Portland, OR

Acupuncturists Without Borders
Clerical Assistant
Portland, OR

Mt. Auburn Hospital
Eucharistic Minister
Cambridge, MA

The Haley House
Marketing Consultant
Boston, MA

Portland Plunge
Team Leader
Portland, OR
1989, 1990

Professional Affiliations

Tracy demonstrating acupuncture and moxibustion to colleagues at Portland Sports Medicine at University of Portland.

More Testimonials


Tracy is very knowledgable and professional. Her approach is very gentle and effective. She has helped me with my overall health and well-being from physical injuries to energy & mental health concerns. She supported my physical and emotional well-being through pregnancy and postpartum. Tracy has worked wonders with my children and they love visits with her! From infancy, Tracy has supported my children with colic, GI difficulties, mood/behavior, and overall health throughout the seasons. I highly recommend Tracy for the whole family!

Julie Shannon, Occupational Therapist

Tracy possesses a deep knowledge of East Asian Medicine and refined gentle hand skills that make treatment both comfortable and effective. She has solved many of my complicated health concerns over the past few years and I trust her immensely. Tracy is a masterful practitioner in Portland and the field at large.

SB, Patient

As someone who “hates needles,” I have ironically relied on Tracy as a PCP for the last four years. She’s helped me with health issues ranging from tachycardia to irregular periods, and muscle/joint pain to eczema. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and has provided excellent referrals as necessary. You won’t find a better acupuncturist.

JJ, Patient

Tracy Thorne knows what she is doing! I came to her almost two years ago at rock bottom. My physical and emotional health were poor. Tracy welcomed me with empathy curiosity and something other western practitioners had not offered, hope and guidance for my wellness recovery. With a lot of work and collaboration, I am back on track. Tracy is warm, patient, kind and highly skilled. Her background in a variety of modalities provides a holistic and well-informed approach to wellness. She is great at explaining why she is doing or recommending different things so I always feel involved and educated about my health and how to manage it. I am so grateful I found her and had her walk alongside me on my wellness recovery.

WH, Patient

What I am most thankful for in your healthcare is for the consultations you offered that empowered me to help my own healing process through recommended exercises, nutrition and attentiveness on care. Also, your therapeutic treatments were significant in getting me ready for bilateral knee replacement and in aiding recovery from painful residuals of surgery in conjunction with PT. I am so impressed with your knowledge of the human organism and you engender a comforting trust and relaxation in treatment. I also respect your ability to listen closely and ask the pertinent questions for healthy outcomes.In a short summation, I profited immensely from your medical advice and have been amazed at the ways you can dispense with chronic conditions resulting from injuries and age-related symptoms. So I AM THANKFUL!

Mike B., Patient

I studied Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue Fukushin with Tracy Thorne. She is the most knowledgeable and clear teacher I’ve come across for this sometimes enigmatic branch of diagnosis. A finding on a patient’s abdomen can mean one thing in one context and another in a different context. There is rarely a this means that finding. This can make Fukushin difficult to learn and especially difficult to teach. Tracy is very systematic in her approach, making the difficulties seem manageable. She did this without minimizing the fact that Fukushin is an art. What kind of art? The art of dance. I left the classes I took with Tracy with an appreciation of the beauty of the dance of Fukushin. She is lovely to study with – both strong and gentle.

Sharon Weizenbaum, LAc, Teacher, White Pine Healing Arts & Graduate Mentorship Program

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