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Chinese herbal medicine is nature’s way.

All traditional medicines agree that wholesome food, proper exercise, deep breathing and restorative sleep are the pillars of maintaining health and fighting disease.

Nature is the best medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is the complex ancient art and science of combining natural substances to address systemic imbalances in the body. As a protegé of several Chinese herbal medicine luminaries, Tracy brings a deep wisdom of plants and extensive herbal training to her treatments. Her style of herbal medicine enhances and prolongs the effects of acupuncture long after the treatment ends.

Tracy specializes in Canonical Chinese Medicine™, a style of herbalism based on the Chinese Han-dynasty classics (Shanghan lun, Jinggui yaolüe), and has completed 400+ hours of advanced post-graduate training at the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine. The efficacy and safety of these formulas, coupled with proper diagnosis, are well attested.

Chinese medicine considers food as more than a protein, carbohydrate, or fat. Food has energy and inherent temperature and seasonal potency.

While traditional concepts are key, modern research helps guide the best decisions for nutrition. Tracy is constantly studying the latest research, and will work with you to determine the most effective ways to use food to support your body’s natural processes to heal, nourish and sustain you.

When intervention with food isn’t enough, then traditional Chinese herbal formulas are prescribed to bring balance to your system and potentiate the acupuncture and moxibustion.

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Are You Getting the Nutritional Support You Need?